In Vinnytsia oblast the veterans of the ATO organized a volunteer service for front of cars

In Vinnytsia region demobilized soldiers opened the station, which revives the car for good. So the men who went through the war, decided to continue to help their brethren, says the story TSN.16:45.

They repaired most of the cars that gave military volunteers because of the APU such a car is not serviced. The front has already sent a dozen of repaired cars.

Video settings Vinnytsia region demobilized soldiers opened the station, which revives cars for good

TSN. 16:45

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A HUNDRED works Alexander Carbon, which is called “Iron foot”. Seriously wounded soldiers were taken prisoner under Loviska, and when released, the leg to save the doctors were not able to. However, he again went to fight in the prosthesis. “The battalion I learned to pop up on the technique, the BMP itself out, but then learned that with a gun in the vest jumped out,” admits the veteran. Six months the soldier served at the checkpoint near the Crimean, and now, when he returned to civilian life, days lost in the garage, which became the front HUNDRED. “Prostheses are not always able to get under the car. Try as much as possible, so far as the iron leg”, – says Alexander.

Everyone who works on STO, do not receive salaries come in their free time. “We are all mechanics, electricians. All learning. Who is first confronted with some problem in the car. We turn the nuts, you first parse it, then collect,” says the ATO’s Maxim gorodinski. Equipment they fall into the hands of light but maneuverable and very necessary. “It is mobile, it is faster and easier to move around. And less visible to the enemy. Appreciate all-wheel drive, because you know, what sort of road,” explains the volunteer Vladimir Chumak, who gathered soldiers for a common cause.