Priests are officially invited to join the National guard with a salary of 8 thousand hryvnias

Military chaplains in the act. Priests are officially invited to come to the service in the ranks of the National guard of Ukraine. Prior to this, the fathers went to support fighters ATO on a volunteer basis. Now, four dozens of priests signed an employment contract for three years. And a trip to the East will officially be chaplains to ride with his regiment. The first fees are fathers held in the Lviv region Zolochiv castle, says TSN.12.00.

The first camp chaplain start with a prayer in memory of the fallen soldiers of ATO. 38 of the priests of the Greek-Catholics and Orthodox came to Zolochiv from different regions of Ukraine. To officially join the ranks of the national guard.

Videosamerican be officially invited to serve in the ranks of the national guard of Ukraine

TSN. 12:00

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Now for the chaplains of the national guard and the priestly attire is special. The design of the robes suggested a military chaplain Ivan Myhaylishyn.

During worship at the front, the chaplains will wear the olive robe. And most of the time, the priests are to wear the uniform of the national guard with epaulets and chevrons. In the East the chaplains will live together with the soldiers in the dugouts.

As fathers, soldiers will receive a salary.

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“She’s a little more than the military contract. more than 7 thousand. About 8-9 thousand,” – said the Deputy commander of the national guard for work with the personnel Jaroslav Sir.

Three months the chaplains will live in the training center of national guard in Zolochiv. There will be study psychology and tactical medicine. And later, together with the unit to which attached, will travel to the area ATO.