Giant flag and the memories of witnesses: Bakhmut celebrated the 3 anniversary of the liberation from the “DNR”

In Slavyansk, Kramatorsk, Red Estuary and the Bakhmut a celebration of the liberation from the occupation by Pro-Russian separatists. In the cities a lot of Ukrainian flags, because on this day three years ago, a blue-and-yellow flags appeared over the cities, of which the Ukrainian military have expelled the invaders, according to a story TSN.16:45.

Bakhmut was released under the old Soviet name Artemovsk, but now dekommunizirovali name and started a tradition every year to deploy a huge banner of 75 meters. Residents had planned to go with him in the city, but the cloth was too heavy to hold in the wind. Banner helped carry the military and police, it took almost the entire Central square. Flag decided to make a talisman of the city – now it will deploy every year on this day.

Video surveillance Donbass celebrate the third anniversary of the liberation of the four cities from invaders

TSN. 16:45

Today, 18:14

Powerful battle for the Bahmut was not dead but still are unable to count how many of them were actually – 9 or 17. There are still unidentified victims. In three years none of the city street has not received the name of heroes. The mayor said that this is not in the plans.

Memories of the events of 2014 shared witnesses. Maria teenager together with the friends went to the Ukrainian military with the flag. “When the military came in, we came out with the flag in support. After that I started to go and help. We were 15 years old and it was scary,” the girl admits.