At the canadian Museum showed the biggest heart in the world

At the canadian Museum of Ontario in Toronto kept the biggest heart in the world, which belongs to the blue whale. It is reported by DailyMail.

The blue whale is the largest animal on our planet, it is not surprising that his heart is in the same record.

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In Norway found a dead whale with almost fifty plastic bags in the stomach

When these creatures die, they almost always go under the water. But in this case, the carcass of a whale washed ashore in Newfoundland in 2014.

Researchers found that the weight of the heart of a blue whale is 200 kg, and it is equal to the weight smartcare.

Earlier, in USA surfer accidentally collided with a giant humpback whale. Keith jumped out of the water suddenly, so the man immediately realized what had crashed on his way. Fortunately, neither he nor the animals were harmed.