One ban and the dispute over damages. The results of the sanctions against propaganda books from Russia

Restrictions on the import of Russian books operates in Ukraine for more than six months.

During this time, under a complete ban on the importation and distribution in the country fell until only one book: “Big book of student”, written by Sean Connolly, published in Russian publishing house “Azbuka-Atticus” (Moscow).

“It contains a contradictory view of history. The expert Council recognized such a publication is unacceptable for distribution in Ukraine”, – commented on the situation around banned books, the chief of Department of the analysis and development of information space of the state Committee of television and radio (the state Committee) of Ukraine Sergey Oleynik.

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This Committee implements the provisions of the law prohibiting the importation of books with anti-Ukrainian content from Russia-occupied regions in the Donbas and annexed Crimea.

The corresponding law, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted last year in December. Then the deputies voted to publishing products from Russia could be imported into the customs territory of Ukraine only with a special permit. Without a permit you can carry only 10 copies of Russian literature in hand Luggage or Luggage.

Entered into force the law of January 2017. So Kiev is trying to limit the spread in Ukraine of books with Russian propaganda.

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Strict criteria to imported books

To find the edition with the anti-Ukrainian contents, all the books from Russia are reviewed. It is implemented by the Expert Council under the state Committee of Ukraine, employing scientists, writers, historians, journalists.

They read books, study the official review, and documentation of copyright on it, which is obliged to provide the publisher to get permission for the import of books from Russia. Publishing products, which refers to the elimination of independence of Ukraine, violating its sovereignty and territorial integrity promoted by the Communist or national-socialist totalitarian regimes, the state-aggressor (Russia – Ed.) and, in particular, its authorities, permission to import and distribution in Ukraine is not getting.

The state Committee in may of this year has developed criteria by which books are processed by the Expert Council. Since that time, Russian books began to arrive on the shelves of Ukrainian bookstores.

According to the criteria of the state Committee, especially in the story works must not justify the occupation of the territory of Ukraine, acts of aggression by other States, the outbreak of war. Also in the books should not be promoted to the Imperial geopolitical doctrines that promote the integration of peoples around Russia. In addition, the author or co-author of the book should not be included in the list of persons who pose a threat to national security of Ukraine.

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Books become contraband

If these criteria are met, then the publisher gives permission for the importation and distribution in Ukraine of books published in Russia for 5 years.

“Since the end of may we issued 415 permits for the import of books from Russia. Still in the process of placing orders to permit for 108 books”, – said Sergey Oleynik.

According to him, basically, was the children’s books, fiction, Russian translations of international bestsellers. However, the publishers had refused to issue permission for one book (we are talking about the “Great encyclopedia of the student.” – Ed.). Long delayed the issuance of permits for 86 publications due to improper paperwork.

“Now they are preparing another request,” says Olejnik.

Publishers are already counting their losses. According to the Ukrainian Association of publishers and booksellers, every year the country imported 100 thousand names of books. Of these, only a small part of Europe, and the rest from Russia. Now the situation has changed dramatically.

“Such a hard mechanism to limit imports of Russian books not needed in that extent. It turned out a complicated bureaucratic procedure for legal sale and optimal conditions for illegal books now imported in bags, such as smuggling. Who will benefit?”, – rhetorically asks the President of the Association of publishers and booksellers Alexander Afonin. However, he noted that Ukraine has a deficit of scientific-methodical literature, medical reference books, business books, which are traditionally imported to Ukraine from Russia.

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On them, according to Afonina, price has tripled, because this literature is not possible to buy in electronic form.

“Limited only by one way books to the reader. If you wish to the Internet you can buy anything on Russian sites, but not reference books. It worked against booksellers in Ukraine, who are already barely survive. They earned mostly on sales of Russian books. Now very few of them”, – said A. Afonin.

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Filling a niche

Publisher and writer Vitalii Kapranov recognizes that because of the restrictions on the import of Russian books in Ukraine has decreased the number of specialized scientific literature.

However, in his opinion, the reason for this is the decline of Ukrainian science.

And that this should start to solve this problem, says Kapranov. At the same time, he notes that the prohibition of printed products from Russia the anti-Ukrainian contents worked in favor of the Ukrainian readers that have demonstrated international fair “Book Arsenal”, which took place in Kiev in late may.

There the books presented more than 150 publishers and 50 well-known writers from the United States, Europe and Asia.

All five days of the festival at the entrance stood a queue of those wishing to visit a book exhibition.

“No complaints that there has not been presented to the Russian books, we haven’t heard. Today a boom for Ukrainian translation. Prices that soared at times. Ukrainian publishers are buying the right translation in the Ukrainian language world novelties and classics. This filling of the former Russian niche” , – said Vitaly Kapranov DW.

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He believes that over time the niche of Ukrainian translated literature is the works of Ukrainian writers. However, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine in April of this year, there was a bill that provides for a complete ban of import on the territory of Ukraine of Russian books.

Now he considers the parliamentary Committee.