Oral sex leads to intractable bacteria – scientists

The world health organization said that during oral sex a person can be infected dangerous kind of gonorrhea, and the lack of a condom during the act only contributes to a more rapid spread of the disease, reports BBC.

Doctors warn that a new kind of gonorrhea is harder to treat and in some cases it even becomes impossible. The infection rapidly increases the resistance to antibiotics.

According to experts, each time used antibiotics against common illnesses like sore throat, gonorrhea bacterium becomes stronger, and the ingress of bacteria of gonorrhea in the human body via oral sex can cause superheores.

“The situation is rather disappointing. In the world there are only three drugs against severe infections, but their effectiveness is not yet proven,” commented Dr. Manica Balasegaram (Dr Manica Balasegaram).

Earlier, the doctors found that regular sessions of oral sex from the partner increase the risk of cancer of the larynx. One of the human papillomaviruses associated with cervical cancer, oral sex can get in the oral cavity and lead to the appearance of tumors on the tissues of the tongue, tonsils, soft palate and larynx.