The ambassadors of the G7 urged Ukraine to take immediate pension reform

Ambassadors of the “Big seven” supported the pension reform in Ukraine and urged the Parliament to pass it without delay.

This is stated in the relevant statement.

“We, the ambassadors of the “Big seven”, I would like to Express our strong support for the pension reform proposed by the Ukrainian government, and we urge the Parliament to adopt without delay appropriate legislation at its plenary meeting next week,” reads the statement.

The ambassadors noted that now retirees constitute more than a quarter of Ukraine’s population, meanwhile the average size of pensions is extremely low. The cost of pensions in Ukraine are among the highest in Europe (11% of GDP).

The G7 noted that this demonstrates the need to adopt pension reform.

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In Groisman explained important nuances of the age pension reform

We will remind, the international monetary Fund and the world Bank have expressed their support for a government bill on the reform of the pension system, which was developed in the Ministry. Earlier it was reported that in four months, from October 1, the government planned to hold in Ukraine the modernization of pensions, in particular, and their improvement.

If reform is to take place, almost 6 million pensioners will receive a monthly thousand more. The new law also expands the list of professions with the right to preferential retirement. And pensioners who work will not pay extra taxes.

The head of government assured that the reform project has already been agreed with employers and trade unions. “The next time I hear the reform itself. Hear the views of parliamentarians to make, I believe that this fundamental, historic reform in the interests of Ukrainian pensioners and working people. From 1 October it will be a new pension system, the pensions of people will be raised”, – promised Groisman.

Videoproviders sent to the Parliament a draft pension reform

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22 Jun, 19:57