With new evidence and move Lutsenko: in Parliament blew the performance of the GPU on MP Polyakova

Six o’clock the members of the procedural Committee of the Verkhovna Rada argued with prosecutors regarding evidence against Deputy Maxim Polyakov. The deputies finally decided that the submitted HCP and SAP of reasoning insufficient for the removal of immunity colleagues, says the story TSN.19:30.

In the video, which prosecutors showed the regulatory Committee, Maxim Polyakov explains businesswoman Catherine, under the guise of which worked as the agent of NAB, why should be involved in the corruption scheme of the second defendant in the case – Borislav Rosenblatt. It was about lobbying for the law that would provide benefits to the company of Catherine for mining. And in other fragments of Poles, according to the investigators, discusses with his assistant Tatyana Lubenko bribes for their services. Finally the assistant reports that it has received the first part – 5 thousand dollars.

Videofragmenty the Committee said about the lack of evidence in the case of the Deputy Maxim Polyakov

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:35

Poles it is angry and says that it was not so. Supposedly provoked him to receive bribes, but he refused. And requires to announce another his conversation with the undercover agent, where he refuses bribes. “Why is there no transcript, where I say that I don’t want money? Clearly I said do not need money, let’s do it at the state level. These are my words!”, – insisted the Deputy. “If someone on Monday says: I will not, not want money, and on Friday instructs to take 15 thousand, the first conversation will certainly be the case… I personally know a man who says: I do not want to kill you, but will have” – gave an example of Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

To protect colleagues stood up the members of the Committee. They say that no one knows who is actually assistant on the record called chief, and nowhere to be seen, that the Poles still got the money. The deputies explain that part of the money from the bribes of the Poles asked the assistant to buy two iPhone for him and his wife. Assistant rasplodilis these tagged money, telephone the wife of Polyakov seized, and everything is documented. The culmination of the discussion was sparring with Lutsenko, people’s Deputy Serhiy Shakhov, after which the attorney General had even left office.