Salaries in the national security Council. What gets Turchinov and his deputies

The salary of the Secretary of national security and defense Alexander Truchanov in June was 52.2 thousand UAH. Salary Turchynov, as the premium for labor intensity, accounted for 18 thousand UAH, the bonus for years of service – 9 thousand UAH, and allowances for work under conditions of regime restrictions and as an expert on issues of secrets – 3,6 thousand UAH.

The salary of the first Deputy Secretary of the NSDC Mikhail Koval in June amounted to 68 thousand 950 UAH, out of which 24 thousand UAH prize. Write about this “Ukrainian news”.

Another first Deputy Secretary of national security Council Oleg Gladkovsky in June received 50 thousand 240 UAH, of which 24 thousand UAH prize and 4784 UAH for the trip.

The salary of the Deputy Secretary of the NSDC Alexander Litvinenko in June amounted to 66 thousand UAH, out of which 22.5 thousand UAH prize.

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14 June, 20:45