The main thing – to have a purpose in life. American scientists have discovered what people sleep better

Common sense helps against insomnia. It in his study found American scientists who have studied sleep problems. They interviewed eight hundred people and said: those who have a purpose in life, sleep better, according to a story Sedanca z 1+1.

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At the same time, the inventors have prepared dozens of proposals for comfortable sleep: pillows that lull, blankets, define comfortable temperature, and even the bed is able to bend for your comfort.

The French have developed a device, similar to a headband: it collects information about the sleep to make it better. Special sensors analyze the brain activity and, if necessary, intervene: changing the rhythm of the brain using sounds to make the sleep deeper.

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29 January 2016 11:17

Modern instruments can calculate how much you sleep and the main thing – to conclude, it is useful for you. There are gadgets for both adults and for kids. For example, the toe controls the sleep baby, it’ll please parents. It monitors heart rate, temperature and movements to determine whether the child is healthy, and how well he sleeps. The device will alert parents if something is wrong.

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How reliable are modern gadgets, I decided to check in Stanford University. Say, such precision, professional equipment, the latest invention not have.

Recent studies show the importance of a long night’s rest. At Princeton University found people who slept less than infants, age faster than those who had adequate sleep.

American scientists also claim that the deviation from the norm optimal sleep increases the risk of disease and leads to premature death. They note that optimal duration of human sleep is eight hours.