Overweight and constant sitting. The experts identified the main causes of back pain

The experts identified the main causes of discomfort in the spine, said in the story “Snidanku 1+1”.

In addition to chronic diseases, such as degenerative disc disease, a sedentary lifestyle is the main cause of back pain. At a constant seat, the main load goes to the vertebrae and back muscles. They need to relax every 10-15 minutes, for example, just put on the feet.

Another reason for back pain can be excess weight. Extra weight compresses the intervertebral discs. Get rid of excess weight, it is, at least, reduce the pain.

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Generally, spinal curvature people get from childhood. With age, it progresses to unbearable back pain. Such problems should immediately seek medical attention.

Also, if the back from time to time makes itself felt, before you start to do fitness, you need to consult with a doctor. A healthy back is easier to keep and maintain than to restore. And the earlier you start to worry about it, the longer it will stay flexible and healthy.

Recall the studies of American doctors found that regular lack of sleep increase the risk of death from stroke in people with cardiovascular disease and diabetes.