Simple volunteer from Borispol transferred to the front of food to 130 thousand soldiers

A volunteer from Borispol more than two years makes dry soups for the army. The girl that is preparing soldiers ‘ meals, season them dream about love, says the story TSN.19:30.

In elegant embroidery Boryspil volunteer Olga Saliy solemnly makes the anniversary box is already 15-strong set of claret, decorated in Patriotic style, sent to the front. While the box in the road, she wastes no time and packs a new batch. Lovers of their soups Olga had never even seen her just regurgitate the impressions from the front. One of its packaged soup to feed 8-10 fighters, and Olya sent them to the front more than 15 thousand, and therefore, 130 thousand times the soldiers were fed through her efforts.

Videovolunteers from Boryspil two years transferred to the front of 15 thousand servings of dried soup

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 21:11

The girl reveals a secret – she’s 35, she’s not married and probably would be very happy if somewhere at the front was a connoisseur of soups, which would love itself Olya. Meanwhile, oil cargo reaches the position of the 24th brigade in the Luhansk region. Chef Igor parses the recipe has long been familiar to the children field of meals. But advises to conquer a man’s heart, better for drying than soups, and dumplings, dumplings and borscht.

His brothers tell me what you really want not just soup from a woman, but also this clever mistress the next. “A woman came into position, and prepared a delicious dish, we could have lunched, dined, met, and feel great, you just go to the battlefield,” the military say, and add that Olina ear generally suitable in order to conquer man’s heart. In Borispol flying thanks and congratulations, and the assurance that find in their team is worthy of the groom – it is quite possible.