Smoke vortices: the experts found the explanation for UFOs in the form of black rings

In the UK, managed to capture an unidentified flying object in the sky.

About it writes Daily Mail.

People around the world bachali in the sky is an unusual black ring UFO. They are called “smoke vortices”. Recently, such a vortex was discovered near the route in Yorkshire in the UK. Last year in California was discovered in the black ring over the Disneyland, in 2015, Kazan was recorded footage of smoke rings floating on the clear sky.

What does not explain the unusual ring: from UFO and ending with the portals to other worlds.

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However, experts believe that, for example, a ring that was recorded in Yorkshire, was only a byproduct of cannon fire during the reconstruction of the battle. Similar to a smoke ring were recorded, for example, at music festivals.

We will remind that earlier hunters UFO spotted on NASA photos of the “doors” on the surface of the Sun, thanks to which, according to them, the aliens can come into our world.

14 March NASA released new images from the surface of the Sun. Supporters of conspiracy theories empty the Sun had seen a strange line on pics and clung mozliwosci the veracity of his theory.

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March 30, 2016, 08:41