Turchinov accused the MPs of involvement in the cyber attacks against Ukraine

Secretary of the national security Council and defense Oleksandr Turchynov said Ukrainian parliamentarians are complicit in large-scale cybercrimes against Ukraine, after which still have not recovered a lot of businesses.

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Turchinov said that without a legislative solution to the issues of information policy is impossible to counter cyber threats: “Countering cyber war, which is a component of a hybrid Russian aggression against our country, requires the mobilization of governmental structures and significant financial and intellectual resources.”

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The NSDC Secretary has thrown down the deputies, “who work a few days a month, very tired, and next week go to another multi-month vacation” that they refuse to consider the draft Law of Ukraine “On counteraction to threats to national security in the information sphere”.

According to Turchynov, this suggests that “the MPs who did not vote for the protection of their own country, hiding their destructive actions and the business interests of empty populism and demagoguery” are accomplices of cyberagression against Ukraine.

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According to the official, from next week until mid-September, MPs will go on holiday and “will leave the country open to new cyber-attacks and provocations” because “deputies don’t have any time to consider the second reading of the Law 2126а “on the basic principles of cybersecurity”, which for several months is lying”.

We will remind that on 27 June on Ukraine was a large-scale cyber attack. Virus Petya.A struck the computer systems of major domestic institutions, in particular, “Ukrenergo”, Vodafone “Ukrzaliznytsya”, Kiev metro, “Sberbank”, “New mail”, the airport “Borispol” and others. The national Bank of Ukraine, for example, already plans to create a cyber defence Centre of NBU (CSIRT-NBU) for rapid response and exchange of financial information.

Videobrain has overcome the consequences of mass hacker attacks

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June 29, 08:13