Because of the complaints of the husband the woman lost 60 pounds and found another

The man insulted his wife, because of the excess weight. After this woman lost 60 pounds, became a beautiful woman and found a new husband.

This is stated in the plot program “snidanok z “1+1”.

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American Alvin Rhine had a difficult relationship with her husband. Depression ate junk food, and because of this gained weight at 124 pounds. One day my husband Alvina rudely called her about the weight – this time for women was a turning point.

In 2009, Alvin ended the relationship with her husband, and then decided to lose weight 60 extra pounds as there was. After hearing about the beautiful ex-wife, squirt tried to get her back – but too late. Alvina found a new husband, who she said treats her with love. But girls with a similar history Alvina says that life can begin again. After all, your body and your destiny you build yourself.

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