One “kicks”, the other is bored: in the Internet appeared the video, as the Makron and the tramp listen to covers of Daft Punk

Today, July 14,in Paris, held celebrations to mark the main national holiday – the Bastille Day.

On the eve of the celebrations on the occasion of Bastille Day in Paris there has arrived the President of the United States Donald trump. The same day he met with the President of France Emmanuel Macron.

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In particular, the trump and the macron in the company of his wives watched the parade from the tribune for guests of honour. However, in the Internet appeared the video with the reaction of the President on the performance of the orchestra, when he began to play covers of popular French team Daft Punk.

While macron had fun watching and smiling, trump sat frowning like he didn’t understand what was happening.

By the way, this year we also mark 100 years since the United States entered the First world war, so along the Champs Elysees and passed the American Marines and sailors. In the military parade on the occasion of the celebration was attended by more than three and a half thousand soldiers.

Videoroulette and compliments: the marriage of Trumps visited Paris to attend a military parade

TSN. 12:00

Today, 12:45

We will remind, the us President Donald trump, who repeatedly women accused of sexual harassment, during a visit to Paris complimented the first lady of France, 63-year-old Bridget macron.