The psychologist diagnosed the characters of “Game of thrones” as if they are his patients

Family psychologist kirk Honda, who leads a podcast called “Psychology in Seattle” had a diagnosis of multiple heroes of the popular series “Game of thrones” as though they were his patients.

Reported by Business Insider.

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Let’s start with Ramsay Bolton, who is a psychologist diagnosed sexual sadist, sadistic personality disorder and antisocial personality disorder or psychopathy. “In my opinion, Ramsey has the disorder associated with sexual sadism, together with sadistic personality disorder… as he demonstrates fun and expressed a complete lack of remorse for the suffering of others,” says the psychologist.

Also Honda called Ramsey the most problematic character because of his “extraordinary satisfaction for the damage others”, even when that sadistic behavior is unprofitable for him in the long run. This behavior can be associated with severe childhood Ramsey.

Ramsay Bolton

Joffrey Baratheon: conduct disorder and sadistic personality disorder.

According to psychologist, Joffrey suffers a specific form of sadistic personality disorder, which is called tyrannical sadism. This is the conclusion a doctor makes because of the habit of the protagonist to enjoy the “verbal and physically hurting others, using your power and influence”.

But Honda is in no hurry to “glue” a lot of labels to Joffrey, because personality disorders in minors, usually not diagnosed until they are older Mature individuals. The psychologist says that Joffrey disorders associated with violent behavior of the father and remote mother and injuries due to conflict parents.

Joffrey Baratheon

Cersei Lannister: Antisocial disorder / psychopathy.

Diagnosis Cersei is not so straightforward as the others, due to her position as women in a Patriarchal society. Insulted her own father and husband. Psychopathic behavior Cersei, in the opinion of the psychologist, could be the result of circumstances and of culture, not personality.

Honda believes that Cersei might also have problems with alcohol dependence, although it doesn’t seem to have any negative consequences from it. “In my opinion, she drinks to cope with the huge stress in their lives,” said Honda.

Cersei Lanster

Sandor Clegane: post-traumatic stress disorder.

Disorders Clegane associated with “permanent emergency izdevatelskimi” that he endured at the hands of his older brother, who burned face of Sandor’s childhood, which he’s very afraid of fire.

Although some may think that Sandor is a sociopath or a sadist, Honda doesn’t want it so to speak, because the hero even shows empathy. He also is not trying to harm others for their own pleasure.

Sandor also detects a similar attitude towards alcohol, like Cersei.

Sandor Klan

Theon Greyjoy: Stockholm syndrome.

“He becomes submissive to save my life,” says Honda.

The psychologist explained that Theon “is losing its identity as a result of injury, which can occur when criminals ruin an individual’s thoughts and behavior.” This loss of identity is exacerbated by the pressure of his father and sisters, who want to he was merciless. This approach, in particular, differs from morality, which he learned in Starks.

As a result of he feels “enormous guilt and shame”.

Theon Greyjoy