Responsibility, detention and arrest. A roll-call vote of deputies for the removal of immunity Dobkin

Thursday, July 13, the Verkhovna Rada at its evening session gave consent to criminal prosecution, detention and arrest of MP from the opposition bloc Mikhail Dobkin.

For the removal of his immunity voted 288 deputies from 339 present, it was enough and thus, Parliament has consented to the prosecution of this MP.

Then, the Verkhovna Rada gave its consent for the detention of an MP, gaining 250 votes.

Immediately after this, the deputies voted for the submission of the arrest Dobkin. It, like its predecessors, was supported by a majority of votes in Parliament. Your consent to this was given to 242 members.

The results of the vote Dobkin immunity lifted and voiced the call to the GPU 14 July at 14:00.

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Recall, the Verkhovna Rada gave its consent to criminal prosecution and arrest Dobkin. For this decision voted 288 deputies. The people’s Deputy before the vote urged MPs to vote for lifting his immunity and said that he personally would also support this view.

“I don’t want you to think that I’m hiding behind parliamentary immunity… They will bring the case to court, it will crumble during the pretrial investigation. Their main goal is to hide me in jail and say that they have another victory and put a tick,” said he to the GPU.

He once again called the charges absurd and politically motivated.

July 12, the procedural Committee of the Verkhovna Rada considered the idea of giving consent to the bringing Dobkin to justice. The Committee acknowledged its legitimate and reasoned and sent to the Parliament.

On 29 June the attorney General Lutsenko made a submission to the Parliament on the granting of consent to the criminal prosecution, detention and arrest Dobkin. The GPU in the actions of nupdep saw the signs of deliberate arrangement by group of persons for abuse of official position and the promotion of fraud in order to seize 78 hectares of land Kharkiv regulatory cost of more than 220 million UAH.

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