The chief military Prosecutor explained why it is necessary to classify the Declaration 72 prosecutors

In an interview with TSN Daria Happy the chief military Prosecutor Matios Anatoly explained why it wants the Declaration on the income of his colleagues were closed to society.

– You that closed the Declaration of military prosecutors. Supposedly it hurts their health, life and safety. Really think so? And wouldn’t that contribute to illegal enrichment?

– You have mixed all in one barrel. This is not the deprivation of the debt, a waiver of the electronic Declaration. This closure from the public. In our country more than 160 open registers. No one would have guessed that I have a daughter if I hadn’t made it into the Declaration. Now, scoring in the registers the name and the surname of the child, you can find out where he lives, what it was, where he works. There are not all military prosecutors. Military prosecutors 670 people. I made a decision, rightly banning the publication in respect of 72 military prosecutors, including investigating undermining Shapoval. We have a war, good people, why to put pressure on the person?

All society is outraged by this.

– Put the issue to a referendum. I am convinced that the families of these 72 prosecutors in danger. They have weapons, but in their home – no. While NAPC has access to their declarations, interference test, no. But he who investigates the case and gives sanctions to these actions, must be protected.

The full interview with the chief military Prosecutor read on Dnia this link.

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