The militants were not allowed OSCE members in the resort of sedovo, calling it a “border zone with a special status”

In the Donetsk region the militants of the so-called “DNR” banned the members of the OSCE mission journey in the direction of the settlement of sedovo and stated that the settlement is “border area, which has a special status of entry and exit”.

This is stated in the report of the OSCE mission.

“At the checkpoint, located about 1.2 km North West of “DPR” – controlled village of sedovo (33 km North-East of Mariupol) armed members of the “DPR” again stopped the SMM patrol and did not allow him to go on down the road in the direction of sedovo, referring to orders from their commanders,” the statement reads.

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In turn, later that same day a member of the “DNR” in civilian clothes at the same checkpoint in Stavamo stopped other SMM patrol and stated that the entrance to the village you must obtain prior permission from “DNR”, because George is a “border zone, which has a special status of entry and exit”.

It is also noted that shortly after, three armed men in uniform military type approached the SMM patrol.

“They refused to introduce themselves in an aggressive manner and demanded that the observers left the area. SMM patrol went to the checkpoint”, – noted in mission.

According to the mission drivers and passengers before you drive through the checkpoint, went into a nearby small room.

Earlier it was reported that in the occupied Donetsk there arrived the Commission of the General staff of the Russian armed forces to identify misuse and misappropriation of funds, fuel and lubricants and ammunition. The Commission will also check for corruption of the command structure of the housing units.

Video settings the Donetsk region detained the chief of a Cossack so-called DNR

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4 Jul, 08:10