Dobkin said, who’s gonna pay the bail of 50 million hryvnias

A Deposit of 50 million UAH for the people’s Deputy from “Opposition bloc” Mikhail Dobkin can make his colleague Vadim Novinsky and friends.

If I had it to do it yourself, you would have to get rid of some assets. From these assets I have such a home, vehicles, maybe even something not so fast today, you can sell. Immediately after the court had a conversation with Vadim Novinsky regarding my Deposit, which can help me in this matter,” – said Dobkin on air of the channel ZIK.

The people’s Deputy assures that the declared funds in return – honestly earned.

“So I don’t want to make ourselves the person who is unable to find the money. Yeah, I’m not ashamed of the Declaration, do not hide what I have in this life. I, at least, earned it honestly and paid taxes. Free money to just take and give, I do not have”, – said the MP.

The bail money will give Novinsky and friends Dobkin.

“I’m not gonna lie, but after the trial talked to Vadim Novinsky. I don’t want to reveal all the details, but the people who are around me, not only in politics but in life, I don’t consider them to be only friends and comrades in politics. We were more than just political activities. They are for me this issue actually decided,” – said Dobkin.

Recall, 29 June the attorney General Lutsenko has submitted a petition to the Verkhovna Rada on granting consent to criminal prosecution, detention and arrest Dobkin. The GPU in the actions of the Deputy saw signs of deliberate arrangement by group of persons for abuse of official position and the promotion of fraud for the purpose of acquiring 78 acres of land Kharkiv regulatory cost of more than 220 million UAH.

13 July, the Verkhovna Rada at its evening session gave consent to criminal prosecution, detention and arrest of people’s Deputy Mykhailo Dobkin. For the removal of his immunity voted 288 deputies from 339 present, it was enough and thus the Parliament has consented to the prosecution of this MP.

14 Jul Dobkin questioned in the investigation Department of the gpou.

On 15 July the court ruled to satisfy the petition of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Mikhail Dobkin taking into custody. This leaves the possibility of making a bail of 50 million UAH. If within five days for Dobkin will not bail him out, take him under arrest, which will last until September 14.

Videobecause district court chose a measure of restraint for Mikhail Dobkin

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