Facebook revealed the most popular smiles to the Day Emoji

In the informal world Day Emoji Facebook shows the most popular emoticons of different countries, reports the Metro.

According to the source, often use a smiley with tears of laughter (LOL) with a heartbeat and a kiss.

According to the company, their use depends on the country itself. So, in the UK often use Emoji LOL, but in the United States and Indonesia – smiley “rolling on the floor laughing”.

The French choose a smiley wink, while the Germans and Thais – simple Emoji.

Spain and Italy use Emoji, kissing often, and Mexico and Brazil – smiley face with hearts in his eyes.

Note, in Facebook users use 60 million emotions every day – along with five billion in the Messenger.

For world Emoji Day the website has added stickers with a couple of new smileys.

We will remind, on July 11, the company Facebook agreed to run ads in Messenger. Successfully tested innovations have already occurred in Australia and Thailand. Now the beta version of the ads will appear in other countries.