In the UK in the eye of 67-year-old pensioner found almost 30 lenses

Doctors in the UK found in the eye of his 67-year-old patient 27 lenses.

This is the official website of the British Association optometric.

The woman was planning to do a cataract operation, from which she went to the doctors. All 27 of the contact lenses were bonded together and over the years formed a homogeneous mass.

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July 4, 2016, 09:21

The woman considered the reason for the sharp drop are not glued to each other lenses, and the processes associated with aging.

Note that anyone who uses lenses should undergo regular medical examination by a specialist, or will happen in such cases.

We will remind that earlier the company Google has patented one of the most revolutionary gadgets of our time – a contact lens with a built-in photo module.

According to the content of the patent, a contact lens, pinhole cameras are capable of introducing the photography of the user’s eyes in the truest sense of the word. Judging by the description, in the lens will be three micro-cameras, images from which will be summed and transferred to the more familiar gadget.