The unknown author published the first book about stunning sex for Muslim women

Last week he published a sex manual for Muslim women. The author decided to remain anonymous and goes by the alias Mind Muladhar.

About it reports The Guardian.

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This is the first grant of this nature for Muslim women. At its creation the author was inspired by the recognition of a friend about her terrible sex life.

Advice are just from kissing to interesting poses, but the main message is that Muslim women can and should enjoy a varied sex life and to take a leading position in a physical relationship. Muladhar advised to have sex only with her husband, but to him the full range of sexual experiences.

Although some critics accuse the author of a fetish Muslim women and promoting promiscuity, readers liked the book. “I have received encouraging response but also a significant number of humiliating and disgusting messages,” said Muladhar.

“One woman said she [the book] is not needed, they learn everything from their mothers. I doubt that any mother says as much detail as I,” said the author of the manual.

Siesta Gohir, Chairman of the Muslim women’s network UK, praised the book Muladhar for encouraging women to “talk about sex”. According to her, women from childhood hammered into the heads of the guilt associated with sex.

“It is portrayed as something dirty, where female sexuality is often controlled. This leads to the fact that women marry, not having the confidence to say: “I’m not enjoying this” or “I want this”. It’s time to talk about this topic more openly,” said Gohir.

Recall, a recent study showed that almost half of the Japanese people remain virgins into their 30 years. This can lead to a decrease of the population.

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