Russian language became a tool of war, Ukraine has the right to defend themselves – Babchenko

Russia itself has transformed the Russian language into a tool of war and propaganda, so Ukraine has every right to defend itself.

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This opinion was expressed in interview Dnia Russian military journalist Arkady Babchenko.

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TSN. 19:30

3 Jul, 20:17

“Three years ago I was told that much of a problem in the two and three official languages, I am, in General, do not see. State bilingualism does not lead to the death of one language, nor to the prevalence of the other, and there are plenty of examples. But all these talks ended in the spring of 2014. To talk about this now is pointless. Russian language became a tool of war, he became a tool of aggression, he became a propaganda tool,” said Babchenko.

photo: Julia Zhelonkina
Arkady Babchenko

The journalist noted that Russia itself has transformed the Russian language into a weapon and “if Ukraine decides to defend itself against this propaganda tool, she has every right to do anything to protect its sovereignty”.

“To him [the Russian language] should now be the same attitude as the idiot box as a “Iskander”, as “atmnet”. This country itself has put your tongue in a row that these instruments of war,” – said Babchenko.

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