Three of the wounded Ukrainian soldiers and 10 enemy attacks. Digest ATO

Since the beginning of the day the enemy 10 times violated the ceasefire, 3 Ukrainian servicemen were injured. Force ATO 5 times opened fire in response.

About this Facebook informs the press center of staff ATO.

Most cases of violation of silence observed on Donetsk the direction. About one in the morning militants from rocket-propelled grenades and small arms beat at Ukrainian strongholds in the mine Butovka. Almost 2 nights, using the same weapons, illegal armed groups shelled Ukrainian positions near Avdeevka. As a result of this shelling, one Ukrainian soldier was shot and injured. Also, about 13 hours, the strong points at Avdeevka enemy covered with mortars caliber 82 mm, grenade launchers, small arms.

In addition, 11 hours, militants fired a 5 min caliber 82 mm at the Ukrainian defenders in the Sand. As a result of this fire shrapnel wounded two soldiers forces ATO.

The construction of the press center of the ATO headquarters as of 18: 00 July 18, 2017 date in the zone of the ATO characterizati…

Published by the Press center of staff ATO 18 Jul 2017

On Lugansk the direction under enemy small arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades hit villages of the Crimean and Donets.

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