Ukrainian workers in Poland have begun to pay more money

Polish employers began to pay the Ukrainian zarobitchane a third more. Especially plasterers, chefs, bricklayers and workers of the hotels. After the introduction of bezveza Ukrainians carefully eyeing the possibilities of earnings in other EU countries. For example, in Germany, they can earn four times more than in Poland. Although bezviz and is not eligible for a working visa.

Why Polish employers are forced to raise fees. If before the hourly rates were 9-10 PLN (65-70 UAH), now in various industries wages had risen to 14 to 25 zlotys (UAH 100-180). This is reported by “Polish radio” with reference to data of the Polish recruiting firm Job Upper.

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Also in Poland Ukrainian workers now often offer various forms of encouragement. For example, provide for free housing, saving 300-500 zlotys (2,1-3,6 thousand UAH).

Recall that Poland plans to change the rules of employment for foreign workers.