Babchenko told why the new President of Russia will not return Crimea to Ukraine

Russia will return the Crimea only in the case of the establishment of the external administration of the Russian Federation.

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Such opinion in interview Dnia was expressed by the Russian military journalist Arkady Babchenko.

photo: Julia Zhelonkina

“Russia to return the Crimea will not. Unless there is external control. Because, whoever in Russia came to power, he to return to Crimea can not” – said the journalist.

Babchenko explained that the next Russian President-dictator will not return to the Ukrainian Peninsula, as it would mean for him, “political suicide,” and democratic President will not allow to do the Russian Parliament, which will consist mainly of Communists.

Videojournalist TSN investigated changes in travel preferences after the annexation of Crimea

TSN. 16:45

July 11, 17:47

“That is the democratic leader who will begin the process of de-occupation of the Crimea, then he gets impeached in a democratic Parliament, because the country is not democratic,” said Babchenko.

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