Lukashenko said that Russia uses Belarus for aggression against Ukraine

Belarus never use as a springboard for aggression against Ukraine. This Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko assured the Ukrainian guarantor of Petro Poroshenko.

During a joint press conference , the Ukrainian President stressed that the greatest cynicism of the situation is that their aggression of the Russian Federation carries out under the cover of slogans about “fraternal peoples.”

He added that only in the past two days have killed eight Ukrainian military.

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Lukashenko assured that the exercises with Russia does not threaten Ukraine – Poroshenko

“We can not and will not observe a gross violation of the Minsk agreements. Every death of the Ukrainian military should not remain without a tough response”, – said Poroshenko.

Lukashenka, Poroshenko called a good friend of Ukraine and thanked for the support.

“I once again received assurances that the territory of friendly Ukraine, Belarus will never be used for aggressive actions against Ukraine, and the Ukrainian-Belarusian border will never be a border war,” – said Poroshenko.

Recall that Lukashenko arrived in Kiev yesterday, July 20. Because of his visit, the Kiev police had to block off at rush hour the prospect Bazhana, one of the main transport arteries of the capital.

During a press conference following the meeting of the two guarantors was confusion – a girl with bare Breasts began to shout the slogan “long live Belarus!”, and later the main border guard of Ukraine Viktor Nazarenko suddenly lost consciousness.

Videogranny the guard lost consciousness at the press-conference Lukashenka and Poroshenko


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