The battle of Krasnogorovka. As military repulsed the sudden attack of the DRG in position

On the night of July 20, the militants tried to seize the ATO forces positions near Krasnogorovka, but were rebuffed.

This was told by Ukrainian military, who take positions near the city.

“Approximately 1 hour and 3 minutes had been shelling: 82 mm mortars, a tank, a single installation “Guerrilla” (“Grad”). They new charge when there is no debris and deep burst action, penetrating inside, designed into buildings, bunkers,” said the Deputy commander of a battalion Vladimir.

According to him, given that the shooting was in the city, these charges have all been carefully planned.

“After that, about 4:15 started re powerful shelling from tanks, DShK heavy machine guns, mortars of caliber of 120 and 82 mm and installations “Partisan”. It was planned with the objective of reaching reconnaissance and sabotage groups that at 4:45 went to our positions, partially took up positions on one of the strongholds, and then was a fight that lasted quite a long time, because they probably wanted to take over the position completely. The group was driven out. They suffered losses,” he added, noting that according to radio interception, the rebels lost four people, but on the battlefield, which was only three.

Also the Deputy battalion commander confirmed the information that during the collision killed three Ukrainian military, three were wounded, four wounded and one missing.

Videobrain at the front suffered the greatest losses in recent months

TSN. 19:30

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In turn, the Chairman of the ACV Krasnogorovka Oleg Ivanchuk said that the shelling in Krasnogorovka was damaged a number of residential buildings, in particular, in one of the buildings burned down apartment, and in a private house, completely demolished the roof panes are broken doors, Windows.

“Bread truce is just a name. Every day there are attacks when harder when a little less, but go constantly,” he added, Levanchuk, noting that fortunately this time nobody got hurt.

During a lull the locals showed the effects of the attacks and assured that the fire occurred from-for hits of a shell in the door of the loggia in the apartment.

According to the journalist and editor-in-chief “” Yury Butusov, the enemy is accustomed to impunity, however, the Ukrainian military must respond to attacks.

“Relevant active steps could have prevented. But it must be management and planning. For this we need to answer blow for blow. Not to teach fighters to absurd tactics to endure tank shelling. Threatening direction, there are shelling the enemy tanks, needs to hide behind our tanks! And if the OSCE does not agree, so let observers beginning to serve in threatening directions. If you do not make conclusions from the attack on our nose under Krasnogorovka, these attacks will continue. Will die, our people. Now, to be followed by our actions in response, such Russian mercenaries pull not” – he said.

The first details the tragic battle near krasnogorovkaya. Why is this possible and will the answer? The assault team of infantry…

Published by Yuri Butusov July 20, 2017

Recall that TSN has learned the names of the victims of this tragedy. This is a volunteer “Aydar” senior soldiers Ruslan Koniusha born in 1994, Ilya Timofeyev was born in 1973 and novel Detinenko born in 1986. From a sniper bullet under Novgorod killed 21-year-old Sergiy Gladkyy, who was in ATO since the beginning of the war.