The poles were equated to those beggars who can’t buy two iPhone

The people’s Deputy from “popular front” Maxim Polyakov, who appears in the “scheme amber”, at the court meeting originally explained the purchase of two iPhone 7 for himself and his wife.

In the courtroom, prosecutors stated that money from bribes Poles purchased two smartphones. In response, the MP said she worked 16 years.

“I’m not so deadbeat, so as not to buy two of the iPhone”, – UNIAN cites a quote Polyakov.

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SAP will require Rosenblatt and Polyakov to surrender their passports and wear bracelets

As previously reported, the Poles suspected of receiving a bribe. On 19 June the detectives NAB has arrested seven persons involved in extortion and obtaining illegal benefit for the promotion of foreign companies in the implementation of extraction of amber in Ukraine.

According to investigators, in the case where the Poles and expelled from the BPP Boryslav Rozenblat.

Law enforcers established that during the scheme, the participants received illegal profits totaling more than 300 thousand dollars.

In the video, the NAB reported that some of the money Poles spent on two iPhone.

Videopoke Poles allegedly fell ill, MPs Rosenblatt and Polyakov gave suspicion

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July 14, 19:57