Details of the meeting Ageeva with her mother: a captive’s worried mother thanked the authorities of Ukraine

Today, Saturday, July 22, for the first month of stay prisoner of the Russian military Victor Ageev in jail in Luhansk, came to him the mother. In General, they had not seen for four months.

Details of the meeting by phone from Starobelsk said the journalist of Russian “Novaya Gazeta” Paul Kanygin.

“Early in the morning we with Svetlana Ageeva arrived by train to Kharkiv, and from there immediately to Starobilsk in the car. Here in jail contains corporal Victor Ageev. We went inside, everything was by the rules. Svetlana Viktorovna wrote a statement out, after which the meeting was held. First, the mother saw the son in the journalists, with me here there are colleagues from foreign publications, and now Svetlana Ageeva speaks to Victor alone. That is, promises were made,” he told a Russian reporter.

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According to him, the mother gave the son a parcel in her candy and stuff. “Victor looks good, but it was so hard. The meeting with his mother for him was almost a surprise, he only found out today that mom came to him. Four months they had not seen,” – said in the message.

According to the correspondent, a month stay in jail Ageeva, it never got raided by the Russian authorities.

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14 Jul, 09:05

“I learned that none of the Russian representatives for this for almost a month, which Victor is in custody, it did not come. Even the Russian Consul. While in Kharkov there is a General Russian Consulate,” said Kanygin.

“Now I can tell who helped organize this meeting. It is the administration of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko that the Ukrainian security Service. Mom Ageeva already expressed their words of gratitude for this”, – said the journalist.

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He also noted that the mother Ageeva worried at first that may face Ukraine aggression.

“Even Svetlana Viktorovna was worried that in Ukraine it will face aggression. She read comments in social networks, worried. Well, despite the fact that her son now is accused of the crime to his mother here calmly, her help, go to meet,” said the reporter.

We will remind, in the Luhansk region detained a Russian soldier Viktor Ageev, who, according to the BBC, was called to service in the Altai region. His mother, friends and former colleagues confirmed that after military service he left to serve in the army under the contract, which was signed in March 2017.

Ageeva mother insists that her son was on service in the armed forces and even received in may of this year the rank of corporal. While the Russian defense Ministry stated that the prisoner Ukrainians in Luhansk region, the Russian last year in the left margin.

In an interview with TSN.Tiiny Ageev has told that has arrived to Ukraine “to protect the brotherly people”.