In Kiev there’s a group of fake “gas workers” who defraud pensioners money

“Kievgas” offers 10 thousand UAH to those who will help to catch speculators.

As reported in the story TSN.19:30, criminals impose seniors expensive equipment and services under the guise of official services and then disappear.

For a gas stove Oleg Ulanicki posted 7650 UAH. A few days ago he thought he was lucky, but now realizes – has become a victim of scams. It came to the five who were presented by employees of “Kyivgas”. Talked about the fact that old stove urgently needs to be replaced – otherwise it will explode and deal damage around the house. Retired immediately agreed.

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The Bank warned about a new fraud scheme with cards of Ukrainians

Pseudoracemic work on a simple scheme – potential clients choose mainly among pensioners. They trust people in suits and with documents and, as a rule, can not quickly verify the information even on the Internet. They describe the benefits promised discounts on plate and free installation.

In Kiev the police have written statements of more than two dozen people who bought the plate for twice their market price and not wait for the promised free services. The group of young people seen in many areas of the capital.

Lawyers say that to prove the guilt of such scams is difficult, because people voluntarily buy their product. But when it is clear that you cheated, immediately call the police.

“Kievgas” remind their employees are easy to recognize – they are always dressed in uniforms and carry photo identification. They hope that the Scam was quickly caught, and even promised 10 thousand reward for any useful information about them.

In June 2017 In Kiev, the cyber-police detained members of the criminal group, which consisted of four people and were able to deceive the Bank by 7 million hryvnias. The fraudsters used fake Bank cards to purchase valuables: watches, jewelry, mobile phones, and the like.

Victoria Nikonenko

Video settings the capital of scammers extort money from pensioners, forcing the road gas equipment and services

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:35