The EU is concerned about Washington’s draft of sanctions against Russia

The bill on new sanctions against Russia, published by the United States Congress, is disturbing in the European Union.

The EU said that new sanctions are one-sided and disadvantageous for the partnership, reports Reuters.

The European Commission has warned the United States about the possibility of a “broad and indiscriminate”, “unintended consequences” of new restrictive measures. In particular, the EU indicated that sanctions being considered by Washington, can relate to the “diversification efforts in the energy sector”.

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“Sanctions are most effective if they are consistent. Now our sanctions regimes agreed. Therefore, their influence is strengthened, and coordination we are able to avoid unpleasant surprises”, – stressed in the European Commission. The imposition of unilateral measures could undermine such cooperation.

The EU also urged the United States to greater cooperation in the framework of the “Big seven”, because it will allow “to avoid the unintended consequences of the measures now being discussed”.

Reuters also notes that earlier, Germany has already warned about possible retaliation if the new US law will affect German companies that are involved in the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream 2”.

We will remind, on July 22, U.S. Congress representatives from both parties – Republicans and Democrats reached agreement on a bill on new sanctions against Russia, Iran and North Korea.

The document provides for a legal level of sanctions, which were imposed by the administration of former President Barack Obama in connection with the aggression of Russia in Eastern Ukraine and annexation of Crimea. It also includes US sanctions in response to Russian intervention in the American elections.

At the same time, Russia said that is negative to the vote on sanctions to be held on July 25.