“When will return to Russia, no one will believe me”: mother Ageeva has told about the impressions from the Ukraine

The mother of a prisoner, the Russian soldier Victor Ageeva Svetlana told about the impressions from visiting Ukraine and meeting with the son in the Starobelsk SIZO.

Her words quoted by the journalist of the Russian newspaper “Novaya Gazeta” Paul Kanygin, who along with her came to Ukraine.

Before Ageeva was going to Ukraine, she got a call from the Russian FSB and was given to understand that the service knows about her plans and this initiative is not welcomed.

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“Why are you such adventure? You know what’s going on there, where are you going,” said her man, who introduced himself as an employee of the local FSB.

“Spoke so softly pleasant voice. I don’t feel comfortable it became. If I was stripped and see everything,” recalls Ageeva.

According to the journalist, on the way to jail Ageeva mostly silent, examining the present, the views from the Windows.

“When you come back, will tell you what I saw, and nobody in the village would believe. Tell recruited, drugged, already present conversations. Well, well!” – said the mother of the prisoner that can occur when she returns to Russia.

Videobrain allowed the mother of a Russian prisoner Victor Ageev to meet my son

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Ageeva, English teacher, also remembered, what was her son in his youth: “Ten years ago, remember, put the cell tower on the first day I got a call from the district: take your son, you have it up and sits at the top. Here he stayed. I was hoping that the army will give him the opportunity to escape, to begin to live, to learn.”

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On the question of what during these two days she saw in Ukraine, Ageyeva said: “hand on heart, say that you expected something else. But it turned out that met – such a warm welcome and friendly attitude. Tried to pay attention, lived in a hotel. That is, the attitude was very good, human. I am very grateful to them.”

The woman also said that she will not be able to forget what happened and it will draw conclusions.

“The conclusion should be drawn such that we do not have people to shoot each other. Don’t have to. Countries should not fight and be friends. And that our politicians thought about this, to avoid such a situation more to our children,” she said.

Videoscategory in captivity Pearls asked Russian mothers take sons from Ukraine

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Recall, July 22, mother of Victor Ageeva for the first time in 4 months met with his son in the Starobelsk SIZO in Lugansk, where he now contains. For Ageev, who said he illegally signed a contract with “LC”, this meeting was a surprise.

Before Ageev saw the mother, he met with journalists (both Russian and foreign) who said that doesn’t know exactly how much was Russian in his team. However, the same day the head of the SBU Basil Gritsak called names and call signs 15 Russianswho were in the brigade Ageeva and fought on the side of the militants. According to Hrytsak, this information coincides with the testimony of a prisoner.

Now Ageev are accused of terrorism.

As you know, in the Luhansk region detained a Russian soldier Viktor Ageev, who, according to the BBC, was called to service in the Altai region. His mother, friends and former colleagues confirmed that after military service he left to serve in the army under the contract, which was signed in March 2017.

Ageeva mother insisted that her son was on service in the armed forces and even received in may of this year the rank of corporal. While the Russian defense Ministry stated that the prisoner Ukrainians in Luhansk region, the Russian last year in the left margin.