MPs propose to attract them to criminal responsibility without the consent of the Rada

On the website of the Verkhovna Rada there was a bill of the group of MPs “On amendments to the Constitution of Ukraine regarding the abolition of parliamentary immunity” (No. 6773).

In particular, the authors of the bill propose to exclude the provision of article 80 of the Constitution of Ukraine, which guarantees to deputies and parliamentary immunity, and the rule which provides that deputies may not be prosecuted, detained or arrested without the consent of the Verkhovna Rada.

In turn, it is proposed to leave in the Constitution the provision of the 80th article: “people’s deputies of Ukraine shall not bear legal liability for voting results or statements in Parliament and its bodies, with the exception of liability for insult or defamation”.

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The bill registered in the Verkhovna Rada on 19 July, it is sponsored by more than 150 people’s deputies.

MP Mustafa Nayem, who is among the co-authors of draft law No. 6773, on his page on Facebook wrote that “perhaps this is the shortest and most revolutionary bill of this convocation”.

The MP noted that the document was signed by 158 deputies representing all parliamentary factions and groups except the Opposition bloc and the Radical party.

We will remind, on Tuesday, July 11, the Verkhovna Rada at its evening session considered the submission of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine regarding the removal of immunity of five deputies , Yevgeny Deydey, Oles Dovgy, Andrey Lozovoy, Maxim Polyakov and Borislav Rosenblatt. By results of voting integrity took a Long, Polyakov and Rosenblatt. But the deputies did not support the removal of immunity from the Dade and Lozovoy. In addition, lifted the immunity of Mikhail Dobkin.

Video with the noise and the heat: as the deputies removed the immunity from their colleagues

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16 Jul, 20:53