The Kremlin has responded to the initiative on the supply of US weapons to Ukraine

Russia has stated that any U.S. decision to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine will weaken all the peace efforts and exacerbate tensions in the Donbass.

About it reports Reuters.

In the Kremlin consider that it is possible to supply American weapons could destabilize the situation along the front line in the Donbas.

“We have repeatedly said that any action that increases tension and … further exacerbating an already complicated situation, only moves us farther and farther from the moment of resolve this internal Ukrainian problems”, – said the press Secretary of the Kremlin Dmitry Peskov.

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The Ministry of defence of the USA declared about the readiness to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine

Recall that Washington is actively considering arming Ukraine. The new US special envoy Kurt Volker on Ukraine, said that Washington is actively considering whether to send weapons to aid in the Donbass. He said this in an interview with the BBC.

Walker believes that the weapons of the Ukrainian government forces can change the approach of Moscow. According to him, this movement will not be provocative.

“Defensive weapons that would enable Ukraine to defend itself, and withdraw tanks, for example, will actually help to “stop the Russian threat to Ukraine”, – said Walker.

The representative of the United States believes that the success in establishing peace in the East of Ukraine requires a new strategic dialogue with Russia.

Videossa can provide Ukraine lethal weapons

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May 17, 09:12