An explosion in a house in Kiev: the neighbors say that the deceased predicted his own death

The explosion was heard around 16:00 hours in a residential apartment building in goloseyevsky district of Kiev. As a result, it collapsed the ceiling between the first and second floors, and debris scattered for several hundred feet, says the story TSN.19:30.

The incident killed a woman born in 1950 who lived in the apartment, which has become the epicenter of the explosion. Neighbor say that before the deceased told them that today it will not. “There was an explosion – cotton, a lot of dust. I looked out the window – everything was covered in dust. Service all arrived quickly, within 4-5 minutes,” the witness said Andrei Borovoy.

Video settings goloseyevsky district of the capital, an explosion occurred in one of the entrances of an apartment house

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 19:49

The doctors asked for help by a woman born in 1934. About its state while it is for certain not known. But there is information that is already 29 families touched trouble due to destruction – these people have applied for help to the city authorities. Gas, water and light in the damaged building until disabled.