The Commission on citizenship issues considered material in relation to Saakashvili

The Commission on citizenship issues under the President of Ukraine considered the materials of the GPU Mikheil Saakashvili and provided insights regarding the termination of Ukrainian citizenship.

About it informs the press service of the State migration service.

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The Department explained that according to the Constitution of Ukraine, the President makes a decision on the deprivation of citizenship of Ukraine based on the findings of the Commission on citizenship issues.

Also grounds for loss of nationality applies in particular voluntary acquisition of citizen of Ukraine of citizenship of another state, if at the time of such attainment he had reached the age of majority, or acquisition of citizenship of Ukraine as a result of deception, the deliberate submission of false information or false documents. Preparation of presentation about the loss of a persons citizenship of Ukraine and submitted for review to the Commission under the President of Ukraine on issues of citizenship, depending on the place of residence of persons by the State migration service, the Ministry of foreign Affairs, diplomatic representations and consular institutions of Ukraine.

We will remind, the former President of Georgia and former head of the Odessa region Mikheil Saakashvili lost Ukrainian citizenship. Information, which was previously distributed in the Network, TSN has confirmed informed sources.

Ukrainian citizenship Saakashvili gave his decree the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko at the end of may 2015. On the eve of obtaining his Ukrainian passport was appointed Chairman of the Odessa regional state administration. In December 2015, it was deprived of Georgian citizenship.

At the head of the Odessa region , Saakashvili worked for a year and a half, after which he announced his resignation, accusing the President of violating the promises and progress to senior positions in the regional administrations of the “old corrupt”. Then the former President of Georgia announced the creation of their own political powerwhich will go on elections to the Ukrainian Parliament.