Epic rot: the truck of dead fish has left Kiev, leave behind a smelly trail

Police, rescue workers, health services and the KSCA way to deal with a truck with a rotten product. Found her on the outskirts of the capital, local residents, says the story TSN.19:30.

Maggots, rot and sustainable puddles of putrid stench that attracted the attention of passers-by who called the police. Law enforcement officers opened the truck and were stunned when 20 tons of frozen fish has now become a mess. Law enforcement officers checked the license plates and found that the truck is a criminal designer: tractor was in Donetsk, trailer stolen in Brovary, license plates are fake, and the cargo stolen in Solomenskiy district of the capital.

Video tinge: on the outskirts of Kiev found a truck with 20 tons of rotten fish

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:50

The consequence managed to find out approximate picture, which looks like this: instead of services one-time transportation of goods in large volumes of truck executed a fraudulent plan. The scheme is surprisingly simple and earned in February. Driver-contractor took the Manager an order to transport nuts – and did not get to the destination. After a few months he was hired to carry alcohol – since then it nobody saw. Then the situation repeated itself with candy and once more with alcohol. With fish – didn’t work.

Under the scorching sun in the 30 degree heat wagon stood for more than a week – and helpless in front of her was almost all the services. Without the owner’s permission to drive it interferes with the law, so at first the car sealed and disinfected. Doesn’t help – literally 15 minutes from the trailer was a bloody mess of rot. Epidemiologists argue that the wagon is a threat because it contains bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli, and possibly pathogenic organisms. So in the end, 20 tons of rotten fish decide to send for recycling.