The Ukrainian government adopted a methodology of calculation of poverty

The Ministry of social policy, Ministry of economic development and trade, Ministry of Finance, the State statistics service and the national Academy of Sciences approved the methodology for integrated assessment of poverty.

This is reported by Ukrainian news.

The method was developed for the strategy of poverty alleviation. The method provides for the identification of 3 groups of evaluation criteria of poverty.

Among the indicators, for example, the person’s income is below the legally established minimum subsistence level per month in average per person, the total income deficit of the poor; the average income deficit of the poor population; the poverty gap, the presence in the households due to lack of funds 4 of 9 signs of deprivation (a reduction or complete deprivation of the possibility to satisfy basic needs – ed).

For example, under the EU methodology until signs of deprivation are: presence of household arrears mortgage or rent payments, utility bills payments, payments for purchasing goods and services for payment or other loan payments; the inability of households to pay for a week’s annual leave not at home; inability to pay for maintaining proper temperature in the housing.

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And the inability to pay for the consumption of meals with meat, chicken, fish (or vegetarian equivalent) every other day; inability to afford a telephone (including mobile), color TV, washing machine or car.

Recall that poverty in all its forms must be eliminated by 2030.

This was stated by former UN Secretary-General ban Ki-moon.