The victims of the explosion goloseyevsky Avenue came to the house of fellow sufferers

The cause of the house explosion in the street Burmistenko in Kiev remain unknown, as well as the causes of the tragedy goloseyevsky Avenue, which occurred on 8 July.

TSN correspondents visited the house that exploded earlier this month and met with victims. They already visited the house of their comrades in misfortune, and I see similarities in both incidents.

“We were on Burmistenko, looked like them too. And we said an explosion similar to our house. There were representatives of district administration and they say, taught by experience of our house already there set up the tents, the toilets,” says a resident of house goloseyevsky Avenue, Svetlana.

Currently in the building nobody lives, communication is disabled. The house is in the same condition as it left rescue workers after the end of the search works, but experts are still studying the remains of the building.

“The cause of the explosion is still not know, but certainly it is not gas – there is a press release appropriate here “Kyivgas”. That’s three weeks after the explosion came the expert service and determine causes, and are now working,” say the victims.