A mass brawl in the city of Ternopil disrupted the meeting of the city Council

Wall to wall agreed the parties to the conflict in the premises of the city government of Ternopil. In the course went fists and even pepper gas, according to a story TSN.19:30.

Again with the brawl began a session of the Ternopil city Council, where “Svoboda” for the fourth time tried to prevent three former party members to come to the session, because at the time, the party expelled the deputies from their ranks. The exiles tried to go accompanied by activists, therefore in the lobby of the city hall the battle began.

Video settings Ternopil city Council session began with a scuffle with the activists and spraying pepper gas

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:15

Two camps fists were pushing each other. Finally, the “Svoboda” managed to push out his ex-colleagues on the street, and on the porch of city hall, someone sprayed pepper gas. Session started late because the rest of the deputies, who at that time came to the town hall, inhalation of gas, so was sneezing and coughing. The meeting has interrupted because one of the deputies became ill – it was pressed at the time of crush.

The similar situation already was in may. Then the entrance to the city hall of Ternopil blocked “svobodovets” from various fields, and to break through the defense tried MPs exiles and activists. Between the two camps became the police, and then city hall closed at all from-for messages on mining.