Dobkin, icons, and selfie: in Kiev hosted the 15 th the procession of the UOC-MP

More than three thousand police officers, voliball jams due to blocked roads and the metal frame on the sidewalks began Thursday to Kiev for the anniversary of Baptism of Rus. On the Vladimir hill to pray together, brought, according to law enforcement, about 15 thousand parishioners of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate, said in the story TSN.19:30.

Best place on Vladimir hill, the pilgrims held since the morning. Took the Essentials – food, water, and icons. At noon the pilgrimage becomes thousands in Central Park dozens of buses, roads in the centre block for cars and for pedestrians install metal frame. The police in security and searched. “Weapons, drugs, explosives, and everything is possible. We said our explosives is a prayer” – said the protesters.

Videos for Godmother moves of the Moscow Patriarchate, Kiev is stuck in traffic

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 21:22

Opponents of the Moscow Patriarchate failed to meet the opponents on the outskirts of the hill – several men with placards and flags, shouted their wishes to the organizers: “Oh, Moscow!”. The pilgrimage was observed among the professional applicants: police saw them placed along the course every 5-10 meters. However, the majority of patients were “healed” as soon as the saw the camera.

The monument to Vladimir brought 11 of the miraculous icons. They were quickly fenced off from the common people when he’s high clergy and their families, influential guests – the Deputy Mykhailo Dobkin devout kisses the icons, and then taking a selfie, next to the icons applied “Orthodox oligarch” Vadim Novinsky, then Boyko and the rest of the regionals. To prayer, say the organizers have invited the President and officials, but they did not come.