Heavy selection and 120 finalists. Poroshenko summed up the contest in the Supreme court

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has recorded a video message to Ukrainians on the occasion of the completion of the contest on the formation of a new Supreme Court.

Ukrainian Garant noted that for the first time in the history of Ukraine the formation of the Supreme Court through open and transparent competition, and it started at one place claimed seven people.

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“For the first time the right to become judges of the Supreme Court received not only judges, but lawyers and legal scholars – that is, legal professionals outside the judicial system. And for the first time, striving for the independence of the judicial branch, the President does not interfere in the selection”, – said Poroshenko.

According to him, the first time the Supreme court is formed with the active participation of, and information about the candidates may report any Ukrainian, but all of the files of applicants are available on the official website of the High qualifications Commission of judges.

“Imagine, more than 40 percent of the candidates for which the Public Council gave a negative opinion, the Commission withdrew from the contest,” – said Ukrainian guarantor.

Only the final list did not get up to 80% of the candidates, and passed through all stages of the competition 120. Now within a month they will check the High Council of justice, and on the basis of its decision and presentation will be prepared and the relevant presidential decree.

“By the way, the community should know that before we launched electronic Declaration of incomes and wealth for almost two thousand judges elected resignation or dismissal. The reasons are different, but this is an example of self-purification. And now we have to fill those vacancies with new personnel with impeccable reputation, who are not afraid of public declarations,” – said Poroshenko.

He stressed that the methodology of the contest has agreed with the European experts.

“That new Supreme Court earned as quickly as possible, ask the people’s deputies in the very first session a week to make all the necessary changes in procedure codes. People need fair courts, who they can trust… Who will defend their rights and freedoms… Which will punish corrupt officials and other thieves,” concluded the President.

We will remind, the High qualification Commission of judges determined the winners before the new Supreme Court. The results of the selection she will channel the High Council of justice recommendations on the appointment of 120 candidates by the judges of the respective courts of cassation in the Supreme Court (administrative, criminal and civil), for 30 judges in each of these courts.

The contest to the Supreme Court began on 7 November 2016. Have registered to participate in the contest 1436 persons, 846 of people have applied for participation, of which the contest was allowed 653, 625 of them – until the completion of the qualifying assessment.

Videoscale know the names of the winners in the new Supreme Court

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