Professors and volunteers: defined winners of the competition for membership in the new Supreme Court of Ukraine

Higher qualification Commission of judges has determined the winners of the new Supreme Court.

About it writes UKRINFORM.

Also, the Commission ceased to participate in the competition, some candidates, including the incumbent President of the Supreme Court Yaroslav Romaniuk, because he appealed to the Commission with a relevant statement in connection with the intention to resign.

Among the winners – professors and teachers of higher educational institutions, a judge, a volunteer, who defended the Donetsk airport, defenders with experience at the European court of human rights, lawyers, educated at leading international universities.

The contest to the Supreme Court began on 7 November 2016. Have registered to participate in the contest 1436 persons, 846 of people have applied for participation, of which the contest was allowed 653, 625 of them – until the completion of the qualifying assessment.

Videocandid justices of the Supreme court came out on the last stage of selection

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21 APR, 20:48

According to the results of competitive selection of the Highest qualification Commission of judges sent to the High Council of justice recommendations on the appointment of 120 candidates by the judges of the respective courts of cassation in the Supreme Court (administrative, gospodarskogo, criminal and civil), for 30 judges in each of these courts.