The case of “Hizb Ut-Tahrir”: traitors of the SBU help the occupants to haunt the Crimean Tatars

Russia’s Supreme court increased the sentence to a Ukrainian citizen Ruslan Zeitullaev from 12 to 15 years behind bars. The Crimea, which was illegally exported from the occupied Peninsula, the Russians accused of organizing a terrorist group “Hizb Ut-Tahrir”.

Only in the case of the so-called “terrorists from the Islamic organization “Hizb Ut-Tahrir” occupying power of the Crimea is now held in captivity, 19 of the Crimeans. A florist, a chef, a doctor, a human rights activist, a fireman, several of the builders: the only thing that unites these people is faith. The case against the Crimean Tatars helped organize the traitors of the Crimean Department of the security Service of Ukraine, says the story TSN.19.30.

Видео19 Crimean Muslims stay with the bars because of falsified cases of “terrorism”

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 20:27

In October last year, near Simferopol by the Russian law enforcers came with a search warrant in the home of the Crimean Tatars. Turning upside down everything, even baby hats and school bags, the seekers, gathered the miserable catch: children’s books, some religious tracts and prayer attributes. However took themselves heads of families. Said briefly, only to sign a paper.

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Just started business in Bakhchisaray, Sevastopol, Yalta. Weapons or explosives found in one house. Although in some places, where the Crimean people live among the Slavs, the FSB has dismissed the rumors that their neighbors were preparing terrorist attacks.

The man Meriem Sadulaevoj Ruslan is the father of their three children, a construction worker from the village of eagle near Sevastopol. Interested in religion, friends and I discussed the annexation of Crimea. Because of these conversations in the kitchen, which was attended by a provocateur planted by the FSB, all four received terms of imprisonment.

Ruslan was credited with the organization Hizb cells. To look for evidence of preparation of terrorist attacks, the investigators did not. In Ukraine, this Islamic organization operates legally, but in Russia – it is in the terrorist list. Therefore, she belongs to Hizb – crime. Despite the fact that no terrorist act her followers anywhere in the world, made and promoted nonviolence.

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However, a significant proportion of prisoners in the case of the Crimeans by the Hizb actually is not. They are traditional Muslims. Persecution of the occupying power is trying to sow distrust and enmity between them and nemoanimation the majority of the population of the Peninsula, Crimeans suspect.

Elzara wife of Rustem Abilitarea from Bakhchisarai. Here four of the parents, dentist, chef, Builder and handyman – in addition to terrorism, accused in the attempt to seize power.

Jailers Muslims behave even worse than rapists and murderers, complain about spouse. Prisoners sleep in turns because one bunk bed for two, and almost all the food there is cooked on forbidden for Muslims pork fat.

To get a list of new suspects, the FSB has long oppressed the Muslim clergy. Until they broke down. Now the official Muftiate in Crimea makes the so-called denunciations of those who may have affiliation with “Hizb ut-Tahrir” or any other stream of Islam.

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But most of all the FSB helped the traitors of the Crimean SBU. The security service of Ukraine in Crimea before the annexation was not involved in the assessment of threats from Russia. But meticulously studied the slightest activity on the part of the Crimean Muslims. These rapid developments that the defectors gave the FSB became the basis for the case “Hizbut-Tahrir” in the Crimea.

The TSN reporter Maria Vasilyeva