In the capital the cave lit warehouse

In Kiev in Pechersk district on the street Boychuk (Kikvidze) massive fire occurred.

On 29 July reports ДТП

According to the website, on the site of the incident, there are about 17 fire engines and dozens of chrezvychainyh.

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The fire in Kiev: the child was playing with matches, set fire to the house and suffocated

There was a fire in a metal hangar with the parts. The fire area is 300 square meters. Information on casualties or other details yet.

Kiev. Large-scale fire at the cave: 17 fire engines, dozens of rescuers, the increased complexity, burn warehouses, vzryvaet…

Published July 28, 2017

As poobshalas informed, recently in Kiev broke out Lukyanivka prison. The fire started in the basement of a three storey building affected due to the incident.