The court arrested the suspect in the kidnapping of the people’s Deputy Igor Lutsenko during Euromaidan

Saturday, July 29, the Pechersky district court of Kiev arrested for two months by Alexander Volkov. He is suspected of kidnapping the current people’s Deputy Igor Lutsenko during the events of Euromaidan.

Out on bail he is not allowed – the decision of the court. However, it may within 10 days appeal.

“In the case of the abduction of Verbitsky (killed him) and I – breakthrough. Thanks to the Prosecutor’s office, arrested a suspect in a kidnapping. Name – Wolves. Classmate Chebotareva, an alleged customer of the abduction and murder Verbitsky. Volkova closed in jail for 2 months. The evidence is sufficient. I’m often asked what’s the case – I am more silent. Fortunately, I finally have some news, about which you can speak openly. And come ever time I think I’ll write a book about what remains behind the scenes, it is now impossible to tell. There is still a lot of challenges, but we see that we are strong”, – wrote in Facebook the people’s Deputy Igor Lutsenko.

In the case of the abduction of Verbitsky and I – breakthrough. Thanks the Prosecutor General’s office detained the suspect in the organization of vikra…

Igor Lutsenko published 29 Jul 2017

It’s Alex Donskoy – head of the Department of special investigations of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine. Along with …

Mustafa Nayyem posted on July 29, 2017

Consideration of the petition for the detention of Alexander Volkov, suspected of organizing abduction of Ihor Lutsenko and the murder of Yurii verbytskyi. Pechersk court of Kyiv, lane Krestovy, 4 let me Remind you that a few hours ago the duty magistrate refuses to accept the request of the public Prosecutor about the detention of Alexander Volkov, Recalling the day. In the morning the suspect was searched, the results of which the decision was made to hold. In this case, nine people on the run. Now if the judge decides g incarceration, there is a risk of the tenth to the organizer.

Mustafa Nayyem posted on July 29, 2017

According to prosecutors, the wolves had contact with the supervisor (organizer and coordinator) kidnapping a citizen Nezhivoi the head of security. During one of the contacts of the wolves was in the office Alexei Chebotarev, who law enforcement authorities suspected of organizing and coordination of actions “aunts”. About it writes “Ukrainian truth.

Also the Prosecutor’s office has reason to suspect another person – citizen Minkina – of involvement in the kidnapping of Lutsenko and Verbitsky, what Shenkin formed a criminal group. With him, the wolves also worked the day of the kidnapping.

“The offence is committed by a group of persons, most of them are now hiding from the investigation and trial. In the criminal proceedings, except Volkova, 10 people”, – said the Prosecutor during the trial.

In turn, the protection Volkova said that in 2014 the wolves repeatedly traveled outside of the country and back. Volkov himself said that from 12 to 24 August, he plans to travel to Budapest and other European cities with his wife and daughter. While wolves said that any summons for questioning, he did not receive, although located in Kiev, at his residence.

Recall that in January 2014 in the period of Euromayday Igor Lutsenko and Yuri Verbitsky was kidnapped by unknown from the territory of the oleksandrivska hospital and taken out of town. After torture they threw in the woods. Verbitsky from the received traumas has died. The interior Ministry said that the active participants in the kidnapping of Lutsenko and Verbitsky fugitives in the Crimea.

Videolisa of the deceased Yuri Verbitsky in shock from the brutal murder


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