Military have the information about training fighters storming the positions of the “eagle”

For several days the defenders of the Town get information about a possible assault by the forces of the invaders. They want to regain the fortifications that our soldiers repulsed the enemy last winter, says the story TSN.19:30.

From the things the enemy was the Chevron of a battalion “the East”, says the fighter with the Callsign “Kalina”. The trenches captured from the enemy in the winter, and then the operation and fortified himself called “the eagle” in honor of the deceased commander of the operation – Andrei Dogwood. Now nearby there is a monument in his honor. “Like every day look” – recognized counterparts.

Videogenie near Avdeevka prepared to storm the militants, who are planning to regain lost ground

TSN. 19:30

Yesterday, 19:59

Day lately at positions quietly, the enemy is digging in a few hundred meters near Yasynuvata interchange. Night begins the real war – using all available weapons. Defenders of Ukrainian land was already used to it. “Yes normal,” responding to military attacks.

The complexity of the situation lies in the fact that the enemy perfectly knows the area and all lost positions. Run for your life guys dug new trenches in winter, without a single piece of equipment with their hands.

The TSN reporter Eugene Zvecanska